Looking For Limo Rentals In Houston.

Limo rentals in Houston are available in a variety of styles. Many different types of vehicles come under the classification of limo rentals in Houston in today’s market.

Keeping in mind the type of occasion and people being serviced, the number of people, and the types of amenities desired will help in choosing which vehicle is right for the special day or evening.

Many people hire chauffeur companies to transport guests to and from weddings, bachelor, and bachelorette parties. An antique or classic car provides an eloquent touch for delivering the bride to her nuptial destination.

It also is a superb choice for the departing couple as they are wished well by friends and family. For the pre-nuptial parties and celebrations, the stretch SUVs and H2 hummers allow for roomy celebration with several friends and family members.

The stretch vehicles come with various amenities such as bars and plasma televisions which enhance the overall experience. Additionally, the style of vehicle should match the personalities of the people attending the festivities.

A suave young business tycoon may be partial to something different from what a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary would like. The individuals’ style and preferences should always be taken into account.

The type of vehicle should also be chosen according to how many people need to be accommodated and for how long. For instance, if you want a small intimate ride with a few friends, an antique, classic, or stretch limo would be the ideal choice.

However, if a wine tasting with twenty people is on the schedule, then a stretch SUV or trolley would be the preferred mode of transportation as they offer much more seating. Long trips are better with vehicles designed for comfort and entertaining, such as the stretch limousines and stretch SUVs.

These provide comfortable seating and a few amenities such as refrigerators and sometimes televisions. Limo rentals in Houston can provide for all these group sizes.

The a fore-mentioned amenities are just a couple of the wide variety that some rentals offer. Limo rentals in Houston carry a diverse fleet of cars with differing options in interior entertainment and party choices.

Some of the smaller vehicles, classics and sedans, offer stereo systems and sometimes televisions. The larger ones, like the stretch variety often contain refrigerators, full service bars, state of the art stereo equipment, and cutting edge technology in visual entertainment.

The largest vehicles, party buses and coaches, provide the full spectrum of entertainment packages plus seating for big groups of people in seating arrangements that encourage socializing and mingling. These diverse fleets of cars are available through limo rentals in Houston.

The type of occasion and people who will be using the vehicle, the number of people, and the kinds of extras desired will help guide the decision making process when hiring a service for the special day’s or evening’s event transportation needs. Considering these key items when hiring the company will assure that the best possible vehicle is chosen for the event.

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About My Houston Blog

Dan Charlston here writing about Houston.

When you hear the name Texas, you probably conjure images of ten gallon hats, black oil, and cattle. If those are some of the images that come to mind you’re not alone. However, Texas is home to more than just big hats and steak. Houston, named after Samuel Houston who won Texas’ independence from Mexico in 1836 is a dominant force in space travel. The cleverness of General Houston in the time of war serves to premeditate the cleverness and persistence of the city of Houston. One major milestone, the Johnson Space Center, symbolizes man’s endurance and resilience.

Native to Texas is the Johnson Space Center – NASA. An annual turnout of 1,000,000 visitors per year trek to the Space Center. For more than 50 years the Johnson Space Center (“formally the Manned Spacecraft Center”) has played a significant and vital role in National and International space missions. Officially nicknamed “Space City” in 1967 Houston has been central to the advancement of space exploration.

Some of the things you can hope to see in Houston include:

Space Center Houston -Home of the Space Shuttle Independence replica -Watch real astronauts train for missions -Rocket Park -Tour in Johnson Space Center by tram -John F. Kennedy gave his famous moon landing speech (lectern) – Moon rocks (real), and a full replica of Skylab

Tragedy: In February of 2003, Space Shuttle Columbia, upon re-entry, disintegrated over the states of Texas and Louisiana. The loss and shock have never been forgotten and U.S. space exploration is still reeling in the aftermath of the disaster. Unfortunately, it took the loss of seven crew members before NASA would take a hard stance on the safety of space exploration.

The Seedy Side Of Houston!